(Descendants of Vietnamese Refugees from South Vietnam-non communist-)

Dear young Vietnamese people,

If famous people such as Scientist Duong Nguyet Anh and Lawyer Dinh Viet speak about the harmful effects of communism, out of habit, you would believe it more. As for me, a normal civilian, formerly a combat pilot of the Republic of Vietnam, I only tried to keep the flame of “pilot light” for as long as possible so that you could not blame my Air Force brothers with the responsibility of the Motherland, of our race, of our juniors, of our descendants. Although I do not have a University degree, in  terms of understanding the insidious tricks of the communists, I am certainly more knowledgeable than many American political professors at famous schools such as Harvard, Stanford, Berkeley…. I’m telling the truth! I will not wrongly exaggerate ! Please read it patiently, and you will know

 The Creator has endowed people to be creatures with the privilege of speech (language) and the mind to distinguish right from wrong. If you want to be called Man, you must have a conscience. If you cast away your conscience, then Man is worse than Animal because animals do not have the mind to think of deceptive, rogue, and cruel tricks to take advantage from their fellow humans.

Communism is the most terrible monster because it created a special religion that can reform one’s mind  and cause the loss of human intelligence. They would then lead the citizens  to a virtual paradise which after falling into ,  they would discover that it is real hell.

All religions take  compassion,  charity, and goodness to teach people to live the truth. Only the communist religion is teaching people to live the false, hypocritical,  and revenge as a motive for struggle. It teaches fathers, children, husbands and wifes, brothers and sisters  to kill each other without being allowed to repent or regret. If you show remorse, it will be condemned to the crime of losing perspective–  a class viewpoint. This  happened in Vietnam.I did not forge these lies to scare you. In the past, many Vietnamese intellectuals were patriotic. However,  they innocently embarked on a communist path that caused  all Vietnamese people to live in hell today. Countless Vietnamese patriots such as Mrs. Nguyen Thi Nam came to Le Dinh Kinh with a belief in communist heresy only to eventually be tragically and painfully killed.

Nearly 70 years ago, Nguyen Thi Nam was a wealthy businesswoman who dedicated all her wealth to the “Revolution” and was named “The Mother of Soldiers”, but was eventually expelled to die. Recently, Le Dinh Kinh, 58, with the Party’s merit and  hanging medals of victory  that covered his house, was still catastrophically killed by the police only because he had  good land that the Party wanted to requisite (robbery). 

Therefore, whoever said that the Viet Cong was different in the past and that this time would be different, was part of the propaganda that  the Viet Cong had spread only for the innocent to hope.  Communism would never be gentle! The catchphrase “Innovation or Die” is a trick to make people believe that they have truly changed. They just changed from a black-toothed cadre wearing Binh Tri Thien sandals, helmets to driving a good car,  and branded shoes along with expensive phones!  The brutal nature of the cunning communist rulers remains the same.

The Viet Cong’s weapon is propaganda (ie, lying), including two types.  Soft propaganda is using sweet words, lies, deceit to seduce innocent people to follow them; hard propaganda is to kill silently and discreetly when unable to seduce assassination. So in the old days when the party was first established, the communist had a “Vo Trang Propaganda” team, that is, the team that practiced terrorist propaganda techniques. In short, the communist organization is an extremely sophisticated killing mechanism, operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Any cadres who had  the thought of revising, wanting the Party to be good, will  immediately and forcefully be taken care of . Danang Secretary Nguyen Ba Thanh, President Tran Dai Quang, killed  by the Party, is undeniable proof.

Communist cults do not accept the existence of any other religions. The reason why communist countries still have religious activities is because they have not completely dominated humanity.  Religious presence in Vietnam is only a disguise way to deceive the free world. All religious organizations are locked up in the Fatherland Front, called the State Owned Party, only to serve the party, not the human FA. If the communists rule the whole world, the Catholic Holy Vatican City, Mecca of Islam will immediately be traveling destinations for the communists to collect tourists!

The Republic of Vietnam was annexed by the Viet Cong, not because the South Vietnamese soldiers fought badly, but because the Viet Cong was able to  take advantage of the young democracy to infiltrate religion. They created mass organizations like students and cultural associations… to harass the rear constantly, often creating instability. In the North is a regime of Public Security. Society is a giant prison. But the Viet Cong in the South could stand behind pulling the movements for democracy, religious freedom, peace, and the removal of American troops from Vietnam.

The reason the Viet Cong attracted the masses through these movements was because  the leader of the national parties only desired wealth; intellectuals are respected but irresponsible, indifferent, not teaching people that Viêt Công were hidden behind these struggles. The Viet Cong not only invaded the South by military force, they also launched a comprehensive war in all aspects, from politics to religion and culture. Meanwhile, political and intellectual parties are tasked with destroying the Communists for government officials and soldiers to be carried out. The South defiitely lost because of that! The Americans came to help the South with state-of-the-art weapons, but they did not understand the communist People’s War technique.

Although the Viet Cong had taken over the whole country, imposing a craftily, brutal rule, they were still unsatisfied. They are concerned that the overseas Vietnamese have set up institutions to overthrow them. Therefore, they sent secret officials abroad to organize mass organizations in the name of Anti-Communist to use the Nationals as tools for them.

For example, in the Viet Cong, they pretend to disclose the story of the South communists against the North communists and send spies to France to lure patriots back to overthrow the Viet Cong. Patriotic young men such as Tran Van Ba, Le Quoc Quan, Mai Van Hanh, Ho Thai Bach… were trapped and made  their way back to cooperate with the communist South, revolt and establish a democratic government. That makes sense, does it not ? But all those patriotic young men who arrived in Vietnam were arrested by the Police and executed by the leader Tran Van Ba!

The Hoang Co Minh Resistance Front was also organized by the Viet Cong through patriotic Vietnamese Liberal youths from Japan to Thailand to help boat people communist refugees. When Mr. Ngo Chi Dung came by my house for two days in Arlington, Virginia, I warned him  to be careful and not to  fall into the trap of Nguyen Chi Trung, a Vietnamese living in Bangkok. As expected, the Hoang Co Minh Front was killed and the Viet Tan party, descendant of the Hoang Co Minh Front, became the tool of the Viet Cong operating under the Yellow Flag!

The two characters who were officially allowed to leave Vietnam (without  border-crossing through the sea) were also very suspicious. They are Mr. Nguyen Xuan Nghia and Mr. Nguyen Gia Kieng.

One man  joined the Hoang Co Minh Resistance Front to destroy it by covertly dividing the internal divisions and spreading rumors about the battles against the Viet Cong Police posts. They collected countless spoils to please the people and which to do so is  to support the Resistance. President Hoang Co Minh died, but there was still a letter of the chairman from the war zone to visit his compatriots. Fourteen years later, when the Viet Cong was opened, Viet Tan could not hide the death of Hoang Co Minh anymore and had to declare that Hoang Co Minh had died! Those blatant tricks that Viet Tan still operates today are because they were “blackmailed” by the Viet Cong, so they are forced to  obey!

The other man in Paris, founded the “Multi-Democracy Gathering” in order to admit politicians “Salon” and publish a notice, “Thông Luan” to preach the “Harmony – National Reconciliation” and propose, “North and South, let’s stand together in front of Ho Chi Minh’s grave to say the penance!”

Harmony and reconciliation only occur when the winning party expresses its good will in honesty by shaking hands with the losing party and taking specific actions to build the nation. How does the losing party go to mediate with the winner while  the winner still advocates to destroy the loser? Nguyen Gia Kieng’s “Harmony – National Reconciliation” is a political trick to create endless debate to differentiate the National faction.

Overseas Vietnamese

 On the other hand, the Viet Cong also gave the guise of  “Về Nguồn,”(On Source) “Hợp Lưu,” (Confluence) and “Giao Điểm” (Intersection) in order to propagate and lull the refugees. They also named the Vietnamese Refugee “Việt Kiều” (Overseas Vietnamese), “Khúc Ruột Ngàn Dặm” (Thousand Miles Away Intestine) and “Quê Hương Là Chùm Khế Ngọt”(Homeland Is A Bunch Of Sweet Starfruits). Those are very beautiful Vietnamese names that the Viet Cong named the Communist refugees

 Remember, we are not Việt Kiều. We are people who do not accept communism and go into asylum. Việt Kiều are Vietnamese who work away from their homeland to pursue a better life who do not care about politics! We are asylums

All of the Viet Cong’s tricks were written into  Jean de La Fontaine’s fable, “Le Corbeau et Le Renard” (The Raven and The Fox), from centuries ago and still being used effectively by the Việt Cộng. This is because intellectuals and Anti-Communist activists did not  explain to people about the tricks of the Việt Cộng! I personally wrote down Việt Cộng plots to warn our people when they were turned up, they use the “public opinion” to smear private lives. But I did not back down! Because I think Anti-Communist is an honor of the Human, definitely not accepting to be  animals!

Now, let me tell you about the political situation in America.

Currently, the US is falling into a state of chaos like the Republic of Vietnam before losing to the Viet Cong in 1975. The enemy of the former Republic of Vietnam was the Viet Cong in the North and the henchmen. The enemy of the United States today is China and the Radicals in the Democratic Party that cover up the communist roots, the communist core.You don’t believe me? Do you see the Democratic demands such as opening borders, releasing prisoners, using taxpayer money to harbor and raising criminals in cities called “Sanctuary City”, removing ICE, and clearing  the police? These demands are very closely related to the Chinese People’s wishes. Did you see the violent protesters, robbers kill and destroy historic relics? You do not think it is random. All acts of sabotage on National properties are happening and the Democrats keep silent. You have to understand that they are of the Democratic conspiracy. I do not need to mention many facts. You just need to read the book “Death By China” (Chết dưới tay Trung Cộng); you will immediately see that the evil plot of the CCP is to bring down the role of hegemony of the United States and to dominate the world. Remember that the United States is a country that respects human rights. China is a nation that destroys human rights. Therefore, when China dominates the world, the United Nations will no longer exist; human rights organizations will be removed. Like after the Viet Cong took over the South, the Ấn Quang Buddhist monolith of Master Tri Quang was no longer available.

As I mentioned before, the weapon of communism is propaganda. With the help of the United States, China became the # 2 economic power. The Chinese immediately used the money to buy progressive media propaganda for them to propagate. The principle of true Western Communication is “Fair, Balance, Accuracy” and now it has become an apparatus for propaganda for China, always distributing “Fake News” to attack President Donald Trump and cover things up, the evil and bad of the Democrats.

The United States is a democratic nation. Government officials from the President down to the county are elected by the people. To be elected, the person who wants to represent the people must have money to advertise. So, the CCP quietly transfers money to candidates, so that after being elected, the people’s representatives become minions of the CCP.

Not only did the CCP use the money to dictate the Democratic Party, they also ordered some of the senior Republican members with bribes. Young people growing up in a free environment, you have never been able to know the CCP’s trickery. The  “lobbies” tricks to cover the game is very infamous. John McCain and Mitt Romney, former Republican presidential candidates who also served as a henchman for China are opposing President Donald Trump.

For the money, scientists sell their scientific inventions to China. The US has spent a lot of money and time on researching to build an extremely advanced F-35 stealth aircraft; now China has the same type of machine in terms of shape and combat capability as the F-35. According to the disclosure of Mr. Chirstopher Wray, Director of the FBI, there are currently over 50,000 Chinese spies of all branches operating in the United States. That is not to mention the Viet Cong spy who was made a Chinese agent.

The reason that China was able to easily penetrate the United States is because of the presidents from Bush to Barack Hussein Obama, guys! I would like to tell you that I am only a type of American paper, but I despise American intellectuals. Hillary Clinton, the Secretary of State, was indifferent to the urgent appeal of Ambassador Christopher Stevens to be brutally killed by Islamic terrorists. She used a private server that is against the government’s security principles to then delete 30,000 emails that the media overlooked. Meanwhile, there are ten  top universities in the United States publicly supporting them. You must know that China has paid for bribes for American Universities. Do those kinds of miserable University professors deserve to be called respectable intellectuals?

Throughout the history of the United States, there has never been a President who has used a State Security apparatus like Barack Hussein Obama to harm his non-party successor. When Donald Trump was elected President, the campaign to destroy President Donald Trump was immediately transported. Robert Mueller used an Obama party to investigate, but after two years of finding no evidence that President Donald Trump colluded with Russia, President Trump then named the investigation, “Witch Hunt”. It is so right!,

Following, the House of Representatives, mostly dominated by the Democratic Party, attacked President Donald Trump on charges of “Quid Pro Quo” with Ukraine. Finally, like the accusation of Mr. Trump colluding with Russia, there was no evidence at all. Have you seen the malice of the Democrats?

I assure you that the standpoint  of the Democratic Party is to sell the country. Because of:

– The policy of opening the border so that anyone can enter the United States, including the components of robbery, drug smuggling, human trafficking and even Chinese Communist. Nations without borders cannot be called nations, right?

– The accepting that illegal immigrants have the right to vote is undermining democracy and requiring illegal immigrants to enjoy the same benefits as legal citizens is a farce for earning votes; not humanity.

– The policy of high taxes, causing large corporations to move to communist countries with low-paying workers is a form of encouraging human rights violations, do you see?

– The policy of people  division by promoting the “Black Lives Matter” movement is an intrigue to help reactionary elements take advantage to sabotage the country.Therefore  under Barack Obama, Black crime, unemployment and poverty were higher than ever.

– The policy of eliminating the budget for the Police. If Homeland Security is abolished, who guarantees the safe life of people? Who dares to open a grocery store?

If the Government had to satisfy the demands of the extreme left in the Democratic party, I guarantee that the demand of the leftist bunch would be to eliminate the Army. Would the Democrats want to hand  over the United States to China?

Our ancestors have been colonized for 1000 years. The Viet Cong, a Chinese henchman, invaded the South and ruled the entire country with the Chinese who dominated our country. The evidence is that over 45 years of ruling throughout the country, the Viet Cong still coerced the Vietnamese people into animals. Anyone who dared to openly say “Hoang Sa, Truong Sa belongs to Vietnam” would immediately be attacked by police until there were no more teeth left.

As the United States becomes a Socialist Republic, the American people will also be forced to turn into animals like our country today. Do not expect American Communism to be more civilized!

Not that I am trying to brag to you, but, many parents call me, crying with me on the phone. I ask why? They all said, “We are so miserable! Overcoming the sea, they were chased by the Viet Cong several times; we were imprisoned for many years to escape the Viet Cong, and went to international waters where we were robbed by pirates. Coming here to work hard regardless of day or night to raise my children to school. Yet, now, when I tell them to vote for President Donald Trump, they pout, calling me ignorant. Please translate your writings into English so we can give them to our children to read.” Hearing the cries of old parents who were discontented by their children, I was deeply saddened. However, I still want to write in Mother Language, because I am more fluent in my motherland language  than foreign. I express my thoughts more easily. I let Vietnamese intellectuals teach American, French, German universities, etc., because I want to dedicate the teaching task to the wise men to bear the responsibility.

My dear young people,

Our generation was born in a country of poverty, constant war, no conditions to study. You are fortunate to live in an advanced country, you have studied at the most prestigious universities in the world, and passed the highest degree. The reason you are so is because you are standing on the shoulders of giants. Do you know who those giants are?

These giants were soldiers who went through  hardship, starved and were forced to work, humiliated in Viet Cong concentration camps.However, they had to endure completely because they thought of the day when they  would leave prison, find a way to cross the sea and cross the border to bring his family, including their children, to build their future. These giants are mothers who were fired from their jobs, starved but still had to feed to raise their children. When they reached the free shore, those skinny giants struggled to work two or three jobs to raise their children at prestigious universities!

Today, you have a high position, a respectful society, a high home, a beautiful ride, thanks to standing on the shoulders of those poor giants, do you know? Do not let the radical professors at the University instill in your minds the hypocritical thoughts of the communists to become filial children against their parents. They understand communism better than you!

The Republic of Vietnam regime also had close intellectual members, so young Vietnamese people like Huynh Tan Mam, Le Hieu Dang, Tieu Dao Bao Cu, Nguyen DAC Xuan … became criminals. There was also another type of Viet Cong’s henchman, who was eventually abused by the regime, fled to the United States, received social security benefits, but now became a Viet Cong henchman, using radio and TV. and the press swears at President Donald Trump. These traitors are characterized by no integrity to shame! These traitors have lost their conscience!

I am 80 years old this year, my time left in this world is not much longer. I do not have any pursuit or ambition to support President Donald Trump. Therefore, the future of the United States will not affect me. I am writing this letter to you to prove to you that I am responsible for passing on my experience to our descendants. Do not be fooled by the radical hypocritical ideas of Democrats who are plotting to destroy this civilized country.

Democrats are abolishing American history by smashing statues of Colombian explorers who found America, so that today an African-American man to be President. In the next step, they demanded the abolition of democratic institutions set up by Adams and Jefferson to replace by a Communist-style State like they had once established in communist countries. By that time, the world will no longer have a free country and the communist refugee media will find a free country to live in to apply for social assistance, health care, and housing!

If President Donald Trump is defeated on November 3 this year, the democracy of the United States and the world will end.

The fate of the United States will be decided on November 3, 2020.

If President Trump wins, the United States and the Free World will still have civilization. If the demons win, the United States and the World will turn into hell.

The choice to live in democratic freedom or to live in communist hellfire is up to you.

Our generation is about to pass. There is nothing to worry about.

Farewell to you and wish you to be wise in deciding your destiny.

Au Phong,

Bài Khác

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